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Abandoning This Blog [Mar. 9th, 2011|09:31 pm]
Well as I've abandoned most other things that have been remaining with this screen name I am officially moving over all personal and general LJ posts (even though I'm not overly active) to komishika

Please if you wish to keep following me go friend me as komishika
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A Memorial Report [Sep. 11th, 2010|11:33 am]
So 9/11 doesn't really seem like it was all that long ago, but then I realize it's been 9 years. Looking at my twitter there were a few posts for #wherewereyou and then suddenly the whole day comes back to me. It was one of those weird days to say the least....

Senior year of highschool we all came to school like any other day. First period theatre, I was working with my friends Cat and Mel for our assignment...we were like the only senior theatre students not in IB theatre so the class was just the 3 of us and like one other guy that never showed up or did his work. The teachers aide came back from taking the roll to the office and told our teachers that one of the other teachers had come running into the office telling everyone that a plane had crashed into the wold trade center in NY and to turn on their radios or pull up the news online. So our teacher came and told us and pulled out her radio and we semi-worked but spent the rest of the class listening. We came in shortly after the second plane had hit and heard the report clear and live as the towers collapsed.

Went to second period English and the teacher was all I know most of you know what has happened, but we have work to do and it doesn't effect us so shut up and pay attention. Okay so she wasn't that rude about it, but she was very strict that she wanted to get work done and didn't want to spend the class talking about it or wasting our time with it.

Third period was choir. We were doing split lunches so that girls and boys could work seperately and then together while we were all there. Instead of working on the girls section we spent the whole period watching the news on a TV one of the previous class' students had rigged with a coat hanger for reception. Seeing it was a completely differnet thing from hearing it all together.

Went to lunch and one of my friends had come in and was so incredibly upset with herself. She has skipped the first two classes and had no idea that any of it had happened until she got to school and she felt like a douche for being like "what's wrong with everyone?" when she arrived.

Moved onto 4th period which I think was my economics class, though my memory is fuzzy if my last period was economics or multimedia... But anyways 4th period everyone knows what's happened and all the details etc so we're gonna work, but today was the day we started our semester long stock market project. I still remember how the teacher was very much "I don't expect anyone to make any money of the stocks they pick after what's happened today" and he was able to tie the current event into a partial stock market history lesson which I did think was really neat and pretty wise of him

So last class I believe was multimedia and pretty much everyone scrambled to just finish up their work that had to be done then jumped the internet for streaming news. I then went home and sort of just watched the news for the rest of the evening till the parents came home becuase there was nothing else on and it's all anyone could think about.

All in all I was not personally effected by the event. I didn't know anybody who was there. I didn't know anybody who lost their life. But the fact that it happened was still shocking and sad. I do remember however my brother Fred had a friend who worked there. He was one of the many people in a long line of phone calls she made that day to let everyone know that she was sick at home and had called into work that morning...
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A Doodle for Teacher [May. 29th, 2010|04:52 pm]
So yes I still fancy myself an artists...one of multimedias... I haven't actually sketched/doodled/drawn anything on paper in a while.. Okay I think I did something a couple months ago but before that even it had been more than half a year. I was very bored today and had one of my favorite inspirations just plopped down in front of me. Yes I'm talking about one of my dolls.
This is a pic of Ryutaro. I always call him my "MAN doll" becuase he's probably the most masculine dolls I own. Yes I know he's still girly looking to some but he is the 1 doll my mother instantly has acknowledged with no mistakes is a boy...I'm pretty sure if I sat all my dolls up for her she would be determined that he is the only boy and the rest of my boys are girls....-_-;

This picture is especially for bakayaro_onna. I really missed the arts and anime class this spring, but I know it was just not managable with all the mess you guys were going through. Hope this may add some glee of sorts to your craptastical health as of late.

Art - Ryu sketch

I love this boy and his character a lot. I think it's bad when I can look at a doll that is a physical embodiment of an imaginary character of mine and actually say to it "If you were real and not so gay for Kaoru, would you be my boyfriend?"

cross-posted to mmc_ningyouai
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Trying to keep the habit [May. 24th, 2010|07:03 pm]
Okay so I'm going to attempt to keep up with updating weekly... I know I've tried to do this before but I'm at least making progress with a second post right? This week in recap:
Works been alright. Nothing to really complain about so it's all good there

Had a slew of packages this week, mostly from my birthday spending and such. Got my Bodyline order so new loli and punk things, except that 1 shirt just does not fit. I need to get a pic of it for proof of ownership and get it posted in the egl sales stuff and just push it along. I have a shirt of the same size that does fit me that looks like it's too tight because of an odd button spacing issue, but this one just would not button onto me at all. I was sad cuase I really need a black frilly shirt.

Got a new doll this week. A local friend was selling, I wanted and was able to get it and did. She's awesome and I love her.

I think that my lil' Shannon's physics teacher is insane. We went to help her and her work group purchase some things for part of a project which involved hooking up and electrically lighting a doll house and that sort of thing, then we saw the rest of the requirements and um yah all of their parents need to complain to the school board because they've gone over their personal budgets of $20 ea. and already had some of the materials for free and have bought the chepest of the cheap for everything else.

Shitty thing about this weekend, coming back from Shannon's our speedometer just quit working on the kia. Last week we had work done on the brakes and got new tires and then this... I was so upset becuase we were going home to get some stuff and then going to head to to dark_skada's where we'd been invited for dinner which was to be my post bday celebration with them since things beyond control prevented them from being able to come to the party. We did however have the amazing Richard come to the rescue. We were able to go to dinner and have our night.

But today, we had to take the car in... after 2 places we ended up at the other local kia dealership. They made Logan's day as the other dealership had basically said he was kinda screwed and gonna have to pay big since he missed the first scheduled maintanence he should have had done to keep up his warrantee. This guy tells us that since we haven't gone over a certain amount of miles yet that we're still absolutely applicable to still get it done to keep the warrantee, so they did that and were gonna check out our problem, oh and also they had a special promotion going on that saved us $100. Sooo... many hours later becuase this is the one fully capable car we've got I did not get to go to work today. There is just no due to schedules that anyone could have taken me to and picked me up from work (this is the sucky party of working an hour from home). I'm not crushed but I feel really bad but my boss is amazing and was okay with it. She's been in the same situation before and just she's great, if anything she made my day better just calling her back to let her no I wouldn't be in at all becuase my earlier message had been that I was going to be late.

Only real good thing about today has been that Logan cooked for lunch. We had some yummy asian style chicken and rice. And now The final Dancing with the Stars has begun and this is the rest of my night.
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Some Form of Real Update [May. 17th, 2010|10:17 pm]
Really life hasn't had a lot to tell tales about lately. My brithday was a little over a week ago. I didn't really have a party just invited a few family and friends out to eat and to go see Iron Man 2. It was good to see people and I had so much fun. Also Iron Man 2 is great. Super enjoyable.

This las weekend I went with bakayaro_onna out to Scarby. Hadn't been in a couple years and I think that was hands down the best time I've had. Just walked around, ate food, and just had fun in general. Stopped and talked to a few doll owners who were working shops out at the faire and that was a lot of fun too.

Only real future plans at the moment are for Akon. Yes I will be there. No I am not staying at the hotel. I'm helping run the ABJD panels on Saturday. Looking forward to stepping in for the Friday night concert. I'm not a huge fan of either band but I like them both okay and think they're probably awesome live, especially looking forward to seeing Inugami Circus Dan. I'm also looking forward to meeting Yumi of Cure Media USA's Tues. night j-talk. We correspond with each other every so often on twitter and she's made of cool, so I'm looking forward to it. I am not cosplaying, just not up to it, but am dressing up. My birthday scored me 3 new outfits from bodyline. One punky look that I'm going to attempt to do something neat with my hair and wear some coordinating dark viusal style makeup, a cutesie wa-lolita yukata, and a new skirt and blouse I plan to add into my mix and match options. Also thinking later this week on buying a pair of knee high canvas airwalks I spotted at payless this weekend. Trying to check my accounts to see if I can squeeze them in my spending for the month, but for almost 3 days my online banking site has been down making me rather upset.

That's really all that's going on with me that is not somehow doll related which of course I save for mmc_ningyouai
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My Aldi Experience [Mar. 24th, 2010|08:06 pm]
Hey everyone, still around, just really not active. I think twitter killed giving me things to blog about I swear. Anyways though not a whole lot has been going on except a lot of misfortune job and financially in my family, so I'm not really gonna blog about that. We did however do some spring cleaning a couple weeks ago and I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff. Srsly just giving it away. I've got like a whole box of gashapon (mostly bleach) that can just find a new home. So yah if there are any bleachers still out there that happen to read this, drop me a line, I know I've got hundreds of dollars worth of stuff but it's not worth my time attempting to sell it so you can have it.

Anyways though the thing I was going to blog about because I wanted to document it somewhere. Around here in DFW Aldi grocery stores are going in EVERYWHERE! We've officially had one open up here in Garland and we took a trip last weekend and fully intend for it to be the first stop from now on on our grocery days.

For those that don't know, Aldi is originally a chain from Germany and seems like where they are going in they're taking America by storm. Everything's a little different. They have super low prices, mainly just their own brands of food and merchandise, some things limited supply. Now usually one thinks "yuck off brand", I myself am always for trying something just to see how bad it is and if for the lower price I could get used to it. Over the last couple of years me and L have tried our way through several of the Target off brand foods and found some of it you can only buy in their brand, and some of it is better than name brands of that same product. Aldi is already turning out that way for us...

Cut for length cause this is including some super detail and a full grocery receipt with commentaryCollapse )
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Found one of my Akon cosplays [Feb. 8th, 2010|10:28 pm]
Cross posted to komishika because it's both cosplay and jrock related

I have made my decision on who is to be my A-kon Jrock cosplay....

Bunny Zombie Aya
Mix Speaker's Inc.

So I was totally planning to cosplay an older MSI Aya costume a couple years back and NEVER got around to it mainly due to financial issues and loosing a lot of interest in cosplay, or rather not loosing interest in cosplay, but but loosing inspiration to actually sit behind a machine and actualy make something... I've been in a huge anti-sewing rutt for a while now. Most I've managed to make in the last year was a skirt and a couple piece of doll clothing. I was SUPER sad last year that I didn't get to do a jrock cosplay (started an LM.C cosplay, but when the band was cancelled lost all inspiration to finish) cause I felt to helpless sitting there watching the jpop room cosplay and not being in it for the first time in like 3 years. I had wanted to do Danger Gang cosplay soon, but really every one i want to do is time consuming and maybe I'm just copping out wanting to do this one becuase it's simplistic, but it's fucking AYA and with BUNNY EARS! I still adore him, so how can I pass up an opportunity? Doesn't help that I might already have some of the fabric I need and all the partterns I need as well...
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Yes I still exist [Feb. 5th, 2010|10:45 pm]
I know it's hard to believe, but I'm still here just rarely update. I blame part of it on my laziness, another part on dolls, and the rest on work.

Um brief coverage of January... have suffered some super major financial woes which made me a little fearful for how we'd make it through this month and get everything paid. I know to finish off some bills for last month I used most of this month's grocery budget. On the upside I've been putting in a hunk of OT at work last week and this week which should make up for some of it, and also picked up a few doll commissions to bring in a little extra as well.

It's tax season and we're waiting on one more of L's w-2 forms to show its face so we can get our taxes filed and get our return which will hopefully help spruce up the cars and pay a little onto mine.

I think it's super sad I've already given up on my dream of traveling to Japan by next winter. Did not forsee my savings getting whipped out twice in less than a month. Thank god for things falling and happening the way that they did or the second time there would have been nothing to whipe.

Spent most of last week alongside those special OT hours at work helping bakayaro_onna pack and move. There was a hoard of us there on moving day and everything got done pretty quick. Looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow, which reminds me of something I need to do before going to bed tonight.

I guess also we've had fun adventures with food. We were given some sugar from kyrenea that was food colored. She'd had it for some xmas cookie decorating thing from the library and was trying to find room in her trunk for stuff given to her by onna (oh yah I got given a small hoard of sewing stuffs...need to make doll clothes), and she asked if we wanted it and we took it. Been having all kinds of fun with red and green tea and bread and such stuffs. I have a lot of pics that I'll have to share sometime later. Also fun in cooking with crazy awesome husband who spontaniously cooks and trys out random stuff for food and I have pics of those foods too because they were so yummy and really scrumptious to look at so I photographed them for my memory at least and I guess to share the awesomeness that is my cooking husband. I swear he's trying to fatten me up lol.

That's all I can really think of to share. Looking forward to a doll meet tomorrow. Sitting around this evening watching L play the game Darksiders that he's borrowing from a friend at work. He seems to be having fun with it and it's not bad watching him play either. Really nice game visually and the darkness is cool in it and stuff. Not really sure what else is goin' on for me this weekend. I think I'm gonna have to start pulling something dark_skada is doing and like update this LJ at least once a week with like a recap of the week. I'm still trying to keep everything doll sorted to the doll journal though. The hobby has become a pretty big part of my life so there's a lot that goes on with me and dolls lol. Okays that's it for now, will do my best to update maybe next week.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year [Dec. 31st, 2009|11:54 am]
A late Merry Christmas to you all! Been super busy and so not updating. Got my last present last night.
Overall xmas haul
$90, some sushi platters and a sushi set, 2 jackets, a sweater, some earmuffs, a blanket, a netbook, a netbook cover and... i think that was it but I'm probably forgetting something.

Got some doll heads in the mail this last week. One is to do practice work on and the other completes a doll, and then on the dolly front, I'm using my xmas money to go toward a new doll...

I wasn't supposed to be buying more dolls this year! How I foul my plans up so easily I'll never know.

Anwyays tis new years eve so I hope everyone has a happy new year. everone be safe if you're partying or driving! I'm killing time here at work and then we're havin a couple frineds over tonight for just whatever
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Christmas Time [Dec. 5th, 2009|10:23 pm]
Have FINALLY started the Christmas shopping. Now have 7 presents, looking for 9-10 more... the 9-10 includes a few things I'm looking at picking up for close friends if there's still money left in the budget after family gifts. Some of you guys are tight like blood so I'm getting something for as many people as possible, even if it just ends up being a card I make.... which as soon as moving is done which should be finished Monday (they're moving the couch and bed and I'm assuming the computer as well at that point) I will be getting to work on my xmas cards which I will pretty much spend all of my weekday evenings doing. I go pretty all out when I do my own cards ^_^

So mostly got the kids taken care of, got the husband taken care of even though it won't be a surprise to him. It was just the case of we were there and I didn't wanna have to go back since I'd already sort of hinted around it's what I was seriously thinking about getting him.

Also in the process spent a little money on me -_-; so what I'm not supposed to do this year. Couldn't pass up some sailor moon manga at half price to resell for hopefully a little more xmas cash. Everytime I see the old SM manga I buy it and post it on ebay for what I paid and it usually goes for at least 2x-3x more. And then we were at Borders and there was the second book to a yaoi series I really liked that I didn't know there was a second book and was just like ooooo dammit gotta buy while it's there. But yah, that's been my evening.

It was really fun.
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